My Next Read: Gravitational Marketing

gravitational marketing

Next up on the reading list (which is really piling up) is Gravitational Marketing.

The nice folks at Wiley sent me the Marketing Book – they must have recognized that I’m a sucker for Marketing books. For those of you who avoid business books like the plague but like to study human behavior… that’s what I love about Marketing books.

Someone asked me once if I had studied Sociology. I suppose I have in a sense… I believe that’s what Marketing is all about. I don’t profess to understand much about human behavior, but I like to observe it and share what I observe.

Gravitational Marketing, The Science of Attracting Customers, has a slick cover, a slick witryna internetowa, slick blog, and a pretty slick description:

Gravitational Marketing provides entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people and marketing professionals a simple method for attracting customers and closing sales without having to perform manual sales labor like cold calling, prospecting or begging for business.

Written for people who desire sales, profits, customers and money in their pocket but would prefer to do it without manual labor, this book reveals the principles of naturally attracting customers and easily and effortlessly making sales without pushy, in¬your¬face, hardsell tactics. It combines practical advice based on tested and proven methods with chronicles of from¬the¬ trenches, high-wire-without-a-net sales and marketing experiences.

I’m not one for slick, but I wouldn’t judge the book by its cover [intended]. The quotes from other authors sound like the book is funny, hard-hitting, and in your face. That doesn’t sound as slick as the ads… it sounds like a book that I’ll really enjoy.

You can download an excerpt of Gravitational Marketing at the authors’ web site. I’ll share my opinion of the book in a few weeks once I finish it.

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    I like the idea of having customers come to you – via gravity. That is the best approach, if the customer believes they wanted the product in the first place, not that you pushed the product on them. Thanks for the heads up on this book.

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